Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skirt Tutorial for DIYer's

You can download this tutuorial by clickin on the pics and print. Any questions contact me at

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We About fell off our Chairs when we saw all the beautiful Pics...Thanks so much for sharing the JOYFUL, PLAYFUL, ADVENTUROUS natures of your SWEET PEAS. We could not decide and wanted everyone to we used random numbers to help us decide.
Because FEBRUARY is our ANNIVERSARY MONTH..2 years on ETSY...we decided the PRIZE would be an outfit of her CHOICE...and the WINNER of our FUNNY VALENTINE photo contest is
PINKSARAHH !!!! Pinksarahh!!! PINKsarahH!

You are ALL WINNERS to US so all participants will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to our shop. THANKS so MUCH for BEING THE BEST CUSTOMERS ON ALL of ETSY!
SENDING LOTS of LOVE to all.. xxx&oooo rozzie&Bill

Monday, February 1, 2010

TULLE as in TUTU's

Some of the dresses for Spring/Easter in our shop. Lots of tulle..lots of fairy tale dresses.
Tulle is delicate and dreamy..kinda like a fairy tale in fabric. It goes with weddings. It's what little girls want to wear. It's what Mommies and Daddys want their little princesses to wear. But it's not so pretty when it's been DRIED in the DRYER..or WASHED with the BLUE JEANS.. then it looks AWFUL!...something from a Tim Burton Movie...ugh
So I thought I'd shed a little FAIRY PIXIE DUST on our beloved staple of life..the TUTU!
How do we take care of it? When do we wear IT?? Can we play in it??? What if it goes flat and looses it PUFF??? one question at a time please.
Care of Tulle:
Really simple, wash it BY HAND, in the sink with delicate cleaner like the stuff you wash dishes with..not the ANTIBACTERIAL stuff..the stuff that makes your hands soft. Yea and only a little bit not TONS. Wash it in COLD WATER..never hot. NEVER HOT..cuz the little strings that hold it together will melt..yep melt. It only takes three shakes to wash, it's not heavy like BLUE there you know the best way to wash it. Now how do you DRy it??
Drying Tulle
or your TUTU is really easy...hang it to dry. We hang ours in the bathtub and let it drip...DRIP DRY. NO DRYER! NEVER...EVER. I know it's a real temptation when your princess wants to wear it now,,,but sweetie..that's were it gets BURNED and SHINGED on the edges. Not good. The best solution to Mommie I want to wear it to get another one. One to wear and one to wash.
After I wash my tutu or skirts made with tulle, after they are dry, I litely spray mine with fabric sizing...not starch. It gives it that puffy effect. NO IRONING...just a lite spray. Let it hang for an hour or two and it's good to go.
Storing it is not a problem
..we just put it on a post made with a dowel and a block of wood. My grandson thinks this is a great toy..kinda like ring toss..only the ring is the tutu. You can of course hang it in the closet. Just remember to give it breathing room. Too tight makes for a flat TUTU...a NONO.
Here's a link to fabrics , specifically tulle.
Hope this helps demystify tulle. I know the Garden Fairies will be Happy and Spring will start on time again this Year..didn't you just love Tinkerbell's movie.. I did..watched (still watching it) lots of times.
It you have anything to add..please do not hesitate to leave a comment or two. Help out all of us TuTU novices.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Our ETSY SHOP is having a fabulous sale some of our NEWEST VALENTINE creations are up to 40% off. We're having this little sale this WEEKEND...
Come to ROZZISSWEETPEAS and see for yourself.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's cruch time for Christmas..I only have 5 days to get ready, set up the tree, decorate the house, bake some cookies and get out our traditional things for the family..but came across this great tut about making fabulous bows from those pesky plastic bags.. click on this link to get there. Sorry I haven't make any new tuts, am workin on them this week..I hope. Been wonderfully busy getting orders done, making new sets for the two brick&mortor shops and just generally been heckabusy.
Hope ya'll have a jolly good Christmas Celebration and look forward to hearin from ya in the new Year.... rozzi

Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIY 15 minute SASSY SKIRT girls sizes 6/12 months to 2T

Since creating this cute little skirt, I've done it several different you can see. It only takes 15 minutes to sew after you have all the peices cut. Come see the TUTORIAL! It on page 38. It is in the newest edition of MHC...the Ezine for Etsy Kids. The gifts my team mates have made are 2dye4 cute.. need to get a look.

I know that once you are there, you'll find lots of amazing articles that are a real help. Shannon and the Editors did a fab job. We are talking seriously talented women.

So if you want an easy pattern that anyone can make, even a novice sewer, this is the one. I am really proud of it. It's all for you! The number and kinds of skirts you can make are only limited by your imagination. hugs rozzi

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BIRTHDAY Shirt-Rozzis Sweet Peas--sizes 6 mon-6yrs

These adorable Bowling shirts are DIY from YCMT site. Just love them.
I started making them for my grandson and can't seem to find the
strength to stop. These were a custom order for one of my fabulous
customers on ETSY. This CUPCAKE CUTEE is just right for a Unique...
Adventurous.... Sweet lit'l Girl.
What better way to celebrate her birthday than a bowling party with all her girlpals.
So what would a sweet pea that loves pink guessed it a Chocolate Cupcake.
So head over to You CAN Make This and whip up a shirt or two.
Wish they made this deliciousness for moms and grandmoms too!
I will be makin this shirt again and I will do a S&S Tut cuz the original Tut is so dang good.
happy stitchin rozzi