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Getting READY to SEW...fabric and 3 Ways of finding the SWEET SPOT

LESSON #1 FINDING the Sweet Spot
method # 1 Tear and Conquer

method # 2 Snipp IT

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method #3 Slice and DICE

Ok, here goes everyone. The first and most important part of sewing anything...the fabric. Why is it so important to find the sweet spot? What is a sweet spot anyway?
Why does it matter if you find the grain or not? Will it matter in 10 years? Will anybody know
about this missed sweet spot other than me?
Yes, I do understand your reasoning and I have asked myself the same questions. So to answer the First one...The Sweet SPOT is very
to U.

The grain of your fabric, the threads that fall crosswise and up and down needs to be centered. This is what I call the SWEET SPOT. U will be working with a textile that is formed from thousands of small strings..if you cut your garment at an angle, cutting thru the sweet spot at an angle, then your garment will be catewompis. No this is not life threatening, however please take note****** Your product is only as good as the cut.*********
So how do you prevent this from happening by finding your sweet spot..glad u asked. There are several ways to accomplish this. I will go over three of these methods.

Method #1....TEAR and CONQUER!
That's right are going to make a small cut on the salvage, you know that hard part of the edge of your fabric. The part that you can't tear by just pulling really really hard, yea that's called the SALVAGE.
So now that you made a cut , oh about a 1/4 inch , you put your sissors down, and pull and the fabric tears straight across with your bear hands. You'll see some loose treads, that's the weave we talked about earlier. Now you have found the SWEET SPOT and you can fold your fabric with salvage edges together and the new torn edge at one end...TATA! U found it.
As hilarious as this sounds, this is a good way to find the sweet spot but if it is too Brutish and uncooth for your tastes...the next way is more refined and dignified.

Method #2 SNIPP IT
Now using your ruler, yep the one you used in grade school to draw pretty lines, and find the SWEET SPOT just like you would if you were cutting a 2 by 4 (lumber). Think T. One ruler resting on the other in the shape of a T. Upside down...The one ruler on the edge of your fabric with the salvage and the other crosswise on you fabric. Mark it with a pencil and snipp this line with your scissors. Takes a little more time, has less mental claifying benefits--getting that aggression out and all-- but does the trick.
If you possess a T square, I highly recommend using it. It does make you look Oh so much more professional in front of your family and friends.

Method #3 SLICE and DICE

This is by far my favorite method of finding the sweet spot.
However you will need three peices of equipment or Sewing Gagets as I like to say...1. rotary cutter and 2. rotary cutter mat and 3. rotary cutter clear ruler.

Now for some of you this is very squeamish...using a rotary cutter and all the slicing and dicing of the fabric. However, with care you can accomplish this without harming the fabric, furniture, kitchen counters or YOURSELF. I have been using mine since it was first introduced...which was in the 80's I think. I still had all my hair and it was a nice shade of brown, so yea I'm pretty sure it was the 80's. Well back to the lesson at hand.. you will be placing the folded fabric with salvage edges together along the edge of the mat, keeping it straight. ( If this is difficult a little scotch tape will hold it down nicely and it doesn't matter if you slice thru it. )

Now your place your straight edge ruler made for the cutter along one of the marked lines closest to your edge and then with gentle, even pressure you roll the blade next to the ruler and across the fabric. have a straight edge and you have your SWEET SPOT. Hint*******U need to read all instructions before using this sewing gaget. U need to use care and caution since it does have a rotary cutter that can roll. Be sure and CLOSE the Cutting BLADE after e

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very use.
In conclusion, you have started on the road to sewing. I hope I made it fun and educational at the same time. I hope this helps . Look for Lesson #2 in a few days. Feel free to make comments...not rude ones I hope. I purchased all the items in this demo from local fabric stores nearby on sale. Make sure your rotary cutter is in excellent condition and that you can purchase extra blades at the store near you.

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TATA for now...rozzi

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

the Ology of Sweet Pea

hello again. my name is Rozzi and I am a sewing fanatic. My joy and the love of my life is creating thru sewing. I have way too much fabric in my house, I have way too many sewing gagets in my house, I have way too many sewing books in my house, I have way too many patterns in my house. How does this benefit you??? Well if I can share my 40+ years of sewing knowhow with you, If you would like to learn how to make something simple into something spectacular, if you are sick and tired of spending way too much on clothing for you and your family...then this blog is your spot and I have done what I set out to do...SHARE with YOU.
As I learn this techn ology I will share my Sweet Peaolgy with you. A little of this and that, FREE tutorials on lots of things you can make. I'll even do tutortials on things you and I find on the web and can't seem to understand or make. I will give credit to the original tut, but will do it with lots of pics so we can understand how did they do that.
I will include little tuts and videos on sewing 101 so that you can get started and finish your project in a week if you only have a few minutes a day to get the job done with all your other busy day, family, husbands, job, etc.

Over the next few weeks, as I begin publishing my new posts for you, keep a look out for giveaways related to sewing...yep, I am giving away some of my FABULOUS you can enjoy creating thru Sewing just as I have over all these years... see ya'll soon hugs rozzi